Commit 237e5993 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(register-char-codings): Don't call

optimize-char-coding-system-table here.
(keyboard-coding-system): Doc fix.  Update :version.
parent 500acb79
......@@ -663,7 +663,10 @@ CODING-SYSTEM as a general one which can encode all characters."
(generic-char-p key))
(push charset partials)))))))
;; This is probably too expensive (e.g. multiple calls in
;; ucs-tables), and only really relevant in certain cases, so do
;; it explicitly where appropriate.
;; (optimize-char-coding-system-table)
(set-char-table-extra-slot char-coding-system-table 1 partials))))
(defun make-subsidiary-coding-system (coding-system)
......@@ -1295,6 +1298,8 @@ If you set this on a terminal which can't distinguish Meta keys from
8-bit characters, you will have to use ESC to type Meta characters.
See Info node `Specify Coding' and Info node `Single-Byte Character Support'.
On non-windowing terminals, this is set from the locale by default.
Setting this variable directly does not take effect;
use either M-x customize or \\[set-keyboard-coding-system]."
:type '(coding-system :tag "Coding system")
......@@ -1305,7 +1310,7 @@ use either M-x customize or \\[set-keyboard-coding-system]."
(if (or value (boundp 'encoded-kbd-mode))
(set-keyboard-coding-system value)
(set-default 'keyboard-coding-system nil))) ; must initialize
:version "21.1"
:version "21.4"
:group 'keyboard
:group 'mule)
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