Commit 2396dbcb authored by Edward M. Reingold's avatar Edward M. Reingold
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Double DST correction removed!

parent 2f8d25d5
......@@ -884,12 +884,10 @@ No diary entry if there is no sunset on that date."
(if (= (% (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date) 7) 5);; Friday
(let* ((sunset (car (cdr (solar-sunrise-sunset date))))
(light (if sunset
(- (car sunset) (/ 18.0 60.0))))))
(if (and light (calendar-date-equal date (car light)))
(cons (- (car sunset) (/ 18.0 60.0)) (cdr sunset)))))
(if sunset
(format "%s Sabbath candle lighting"
(apply 'solar-time-string (cdr light)))))))
(apply 'solar-time-string light))))))
(defun solar-equinoxes/solstices (k year)
"Date of equinox/solstice K for YEAR.
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