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NEWS updates for some obsoleted libraries

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......@@ -905,17 +905,30 @@ this was not advertised at the time.
** Obsolete modes
*** partial-completion-mode is obsolete.
*** abbrevlist.el
*** erc-hecomplete.el
*** partial-completion-mode (complete.el) is obsolete.
You can get a comparable behavior with:
(setq completion-styles '(partial-completion initials))
(setq completion-pcm-complete-word-inserts-delimiters t)
*** pc-mode.el is obsolete.
*** pc-mode.el is obsolete (CUA mode is much more comprehensive).
*** pgg is obsolete (use EasyPG instead)
*** sregex.el is obsolete, since rx.el is a strict superset.
*** s-region.el and pc-select are obsolete.
They are superseded by shift-select-mode enabled by default in 23.1.
*** s-region.el and pc-select.el are obsolete.
They are superseded by shift-select-mode, enabled by default since 23.1.
*** vc-mcvs.el is obsolete (for lack of a maintainer)
** Miscellaneous
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