Commit 242399cd authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name): Remove.

(easy-menu-lookup-name): New fun to replace it.
(easy-menu-get-map): Use it to obey menu item names (rather than just
keys) when looking up `path'.
(easy-menu-always-true-p): Rename from easy-menu-always-true.
(easy-menu-convert-item-1): Adjust to new name.
parent df470e3b
......@@ -242,9 +242,9 @@ possibly preceded by keyword pairs as described in `easy-menu-define'."
(setq visible (or arg ''nil)))))
(if (equal visible ''nil)
nil ; Invisible menu entry, return nil.
(if (and visible (not (easy-menu-always-true visible)))
(if (and visible (not (easy-menu-always-true-p visible)))
(setq prop (cons :visible (cons visible prop))))
(if (and enable (not (easy-menu-always-true enable)))
(if (and enable (not (easy-menu-always-true-p enable)))
(setq prop (cons :enable (cons enable prop))))
(if filter (setq prop (cons :filter (cons filter prop))))
(if help (setq prop (cons :help (cons help prop))))
......@@ -363,12 +363,12 @@ ITEM defines an item as in `easy-menu-define'."
(cons cmd keys))))
(setq cache-specified nil))
(if keys (setq prop (cons :keys (cons keys prop)))))
(if (and visible (not (easy-menu-always-true visible)))
(if (and visible (not (easy-menu-always-true-p visible)))
(if (equal visible ''nil)
;; Invisible menu item. Don't insert into keymap.
(setq remove t)
(setq prop (cons :visible (cons visible prop)))))))
(if (and active (not (easy-menu-always-true active)))
(if (and active (not (easy-menu-always-true-p active)))
(setq prop (cons :enable (cons active prop))))
(if (and (or no-name cache-specified)
(or (null cache) (stringp cache) (vectorp cache)))
......@@ -426,7 +426,8 @@ KEY does not have to be a symbol, and comparison is done with equal."
(defun easy-menu-name-match (name item)
"Return t if NAME is the name of menu item ITEM.
NAME can be either a string, or a symbol."
NAME can be either a string, or a symbol.
ITEM should be a keymap binding of the form (KEY . MENU-ITEM)."
(if (consp item)
(if (symbolp name)
(eq (car-safe item) name)
......@@ -439,7 +440,7 @@ NAME can be either a string, or a symbol."
(eq (car-safe item) (intern name))
(eq (car-safe item) (easy-menu-intern name)))))))
(defun easy-menu-always-true (x)
(defun easy-menu-always-true-p (x)
"Return true if form X never evaluates to nil."
(if (consp x) (and (eq (car x) 'quote) (cadr x))
(or (eq x t) (not (symbolp x)))))
......@@ -591,10 +592,24 @@ If item is an old format item, a new format item is returned."
(cons name item)) ; Keymap or new menu format
(defun easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name (name submap)
(while (and submap (not (easy-menu-name-match name (car submap))))
(setq submap (cdr submap)))
(defun easy-menu-lookup-name (map name)
"Lookup menu item NAME in keymap MAP.
Like `lookup-key' except that NAME is not an array but just a single key
and that NAME can be a string representing the menu item's name."
(or (lookup-key map (vector (easy-menu-intern name)))
(when (stringp name)
;; `lookup-key' failed and we have a menu item name: look at the
;; actual menu entries's names.
(catch 'found
(map-keymap (lambda (key item)
(if (condition-case nil (member name item)
(error nil))
;; Found it!! Look for it again with
;; `lookup-key' so as to handle inheritance and
;; to extract the actual command/keymap bound to
;; `name' from the item (via get_keyelt).
(throw 'found (lookup-key map (vector key)))))
(defun easy-menu-get-map (map path &optional to-modify)
"Return a sparse keymap in which to add or remove an item.
......@@ -605,34 +620,34 @@ wants to modify in the map that we return.
In some cases we use that to select between the local and global maps."
(setq map
(catch 'found
(let* ((key (vconcat (unless map '(menu-bar))
(mapcar 'easy-menu-intern path)))
(maps (mapcar (lambda (map)
(setq map (lookup-key map key))
(while (and (symbolp map) (keymapp map))
(setq map (symbol-function map)))
(if map
(list (if (and (symbolp map)
(not (keymapp map)))
(symbol-value map) map))
(if (and map (symbolp map) (not (keymapp map)))
(setq map (symbol-value map)))
(let ((maps (or map (current-active-maps))))
;; Look for PATH in each map.
(unless map (push 'menu-bar path))
(dolist (name path)
(setq maps
(delq nil (mapcar (lambda (map)
(setq map (easy-menu-lookup-name
map name))
(and (keymapp map) map))
;; Prefer a map that already contains the to-be-modified entry.
(when to-modify
(dolist (map maps)
(when (and (keymapp map)
(easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name to-modify map))
(when (easy-menu-lookup-name map to-modify)
(throw 'found map))))
;; Use the first valid map.
(dolist (map maps)
(when (keymapp map)
(throw 'found map)))
(when maps (throw 'found (car maps)))
;; Otherwise, make one up.
;; Hardcoding current-local-map is lame, but it's difficult
;; to know what the caller intended for us to do ;-(
(let* ((name (if path (format "%s" (car (reverse path)))))
(newmap (make-sparse-keymap name)))
(define-key (or map (current-local-map)) key
(define-key (or map (current-local-map))
(apply 'vector (mapcar 'easy-menu-intern path))
(if name (cons name newmap) newmap))
(or (keymapp map) (error "Malformed menu in easy-menu: (%s)" map))
......@@ -640,5 +655,5 @@ In some cases we use that to select between the local and global maps."
(provide 'easymenu)
;;; arch-tag: 2a04020d-90d2-476d-a7c6-71e072007a4a
;; arch-tag: 2a04020d-90d2-476d-a7c6-71e072007a4a
;;; easymenu.el ends here
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