Commit 242a7584 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Add C-h d binding.

parent e27f7c13
......@@ -434,6 +434,8 @@ is already active in Transient Mark mode.
C-h e displays the *Messages* buffer.
C-h d runs apropos-documentation.
C-h followed by a control character is used for displaying files
that do not change:
......@@ -444,23 +446,18 @@ The info-search bindings on C-h C-f, C-h C-k and C-h C-i
have been moved to C-h F, C-h K and C-h S.
C-h c, C-h k, C-h w, and C-h f now handle remapped interactive commands.
- C-h c and C-h k report the actual command (after possible remapping)
run by the key sequence.
- C-h w and C-h f on a command which has been remapped now report the
command it is remapped to, and the keys which can be used to run
that command.
For example, if C-k is bound to kill-line, and kill-line is remapped
to new-kill-line, these commands now report:
- C-h c and C-h k C-k reports:
C-k runs the command new-kill-line
- C-h w and C-h f kill-line reports:
kill-line is remapped to new-kill-line which is on C-k, <deleteline>
- C-h w and C-h f new-kill-line reports:
new-kill-line is on C-k
......@@ -3501,7 +3498,7 @@ dangerous; otherwise it returns a reason why the form might be unsafe
evaluate when Emacs starts up. If this is done after startup,
it evaluates those expressions immediately.
This is useful in packages that can be preloaded.
This is useful in packages that can be preloaded.
*** `list-faces-display' takes an optional argument, REGEXP.
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