Commit 24301c81 authored by Jonathan Ganc's avatar Jonathan Ganc Committed by Dmitry Gutov

Speed up vc-git-status and make it more precise

* lisp/vc/vc-git.el (vc-git-state)
(vc-git--git-status-to-vc-state): Update 'vc-git-state' to use
'git status', so that 'vc-git-state' can now return 'ignored',
'conflict', or 'unregistered' when appropriate.  Discussed in
bug#26066.  Fixes bug#19343.
parent af736528
......@@ -231,34 +231,57 @@ Should be consistent with the Git config value i18n.logOutputEncoding."
(?U 'edited) ;; FIXME
(?T 'edited))) ;; FIXME
(defun vc-git--git-status-to-vc-state (code-list)
"Convert CODE-LIST to a VC status.
Each element of CODE-LIST comes from the first two characters of
a line returned by 'git status --porcelain' and should be passed
in the order given by 'git status'."
;; It is necessary to allow CODE-LIST to be a list because sometimes git
;; status returns multiple lines, e.g. for a file that is removed from
;; the index but is present in the HEAD and working tree.
(pcase code-list
('nil 'up-to-date)
(pcase code
("!!" 'ignored)
("??" 'unregistered)
;; I have only seen this with a file that is only present in the
;; index. Let us call this `removed'.
("AD" 'removed)
(_ (cond
((string-match-p "^[ RD]+$" code) 'removed)
((string-match-p "^[ M]+$" code) 'edited)
((string-match-p "^[ A]+$" code) 'added)
((string-match-p "^[ U]+$" code) 'conflict)
(t 'edited)))))
;; I know of two cases when git state returns more than one element,
;; in both cases returning '("D " "??")':
;; 1. When a file is removed from the index but present in the
;; HEAD and working tree.
;; 2. When a file A is renamed to B in the index and then back to A
;; in the working tree.
;; In both of these instances, `unregistered' is a reasonable response.
(`("D " "??") 'unregistered)
;; In other cases, let us return `edited'.
(_ 'edited)))
(defun vc-git-state (file)
"Git-specific version of `vc-state'."
;; FIXME: This can't set 'ignored or 'conflict yet
;; The 'ignored state could be detected with `git ls-files -i -o
;; --exclude-standard` It also can't set 'needs-update or
;; 'needs-merge. The rough equivalent would be that upstream branch
;; for current branch is in fast-forward state i.e. current branch
;; is direct ancestor of corresponding upstream branch, and the file
;; was modified upstream. But we can't check that without a network
;; operation.
;; This assumes that status is known to be not `unregistered' because
;; we've been successfully dispatched here from `vc-state', that
;; means `vc-git-registered' returned t earlier once. Bug#11757
(let ((diff (vc-git--run-command-string
file "diff-index" "-p" "--raw" "-z" "HEAD" "--")))
(if (and diff
(string-match ":[0-7]\\{6\\} [0-7]\\{6\\} [0-9a-f]\\{40\\} [0-9a-f]\\{40\\} \\([ADMUT]\\)\0[^\0]+\0\\(.*\n.\\)?"
(let ((diff-letter (match-string 1 diff)))
(if (not (match-beginning 2))
;; Empty diff: file contents is the same as the HEAD
;; revision, but timestamps are different (eg, file
;; was "touch"ed). Update timestamp in index:
(prog1 'up-to-date
(vc-git--call nil "add" "--refresh" "--"
(file-relative-name file)))
(vc-git--state-code diff-letter)))
(if (vc-git--empty-db-p) 'added 'up-to-date))))
(let ((status
(vc-git--run-command-string file "status" "--porcelain" "-z"
"--untracked-files" "--ignored" "--")))
(if (null status)
;; If status is nil, there was an error calling git, likely because
;; the file is not in a git repo.
;; If this code is adapted to parse 'git status' for a directory,
;; note that a renamed file takes up two null values and needs to be
;; treated slightly more carefully.
(mapcar (lambda (s)
(substring s 0 2))
(split-string status "\0" t))))))
(defun vc-git-working-revision (_file)
"Git-specific version of `vc-working-revision'."
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