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More details and index entries for isearch-lazy-highlight.

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......@@ -183,6 +183,7 @@ anticipate where the cursor will end up each time you press @kbd{C-s} or
matches happens in a deferred fashion so as not to rob Isearch of its
usual snappy response.
@vindex isearch-lazy-highlight-cleanup
@findex isearch-lazy-highlight-cleanup
By default the highlighting of matches is cleared when you end the
search. Customize the variable @code{isearch-lazy-highlight-cleanup} to
avoid cleaning up automatically. The command @kbd{M-x
......@@ -191,6 +192,14 @@ isearch-lazy-highlight-cleanup} can be used to clean up manually.
Customize the variable @code{isearch-lazy-highlight} to turn off this
@vindex isearch-lazy-highlight-face
@cindex faces for highlighting search matches
You can control how does the highlighting of matches look like by
customizing the faces @code{isearch} (highlights the current match) and
@code{isearch-lazy-highlight-face} (highlights the other matches). The
former defaults to the @code{region} face, the latter to the
@code{secodnary-selection} face.
@vindex isearch-mode-map
To customize the special characters that incremental search understands,
alter their bindings in the keymap @code{isearch-mode-map}. For a list
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