Commit 243d547c authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Renamed macemacs_512.png to emacs512_mac.png.

parent 0235bce7
2007-12-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* images/icons/macemacs_16.png, images/icons/macemacs_24.png:
* images/icons/macemacs_32.png, images/icons/macemacs_48.png:
* images/icons/macemacs_256.png, images/icons/macemacs_512.png:
Renamed to emacs16_mac.png, emacs24_mac.png, emacs32_mac.png,
emacs48_mac.png, emacs256_mac.png, and emacs512_mac.png,
respectively, to avoid file-name clashes in 8+3 (a.k.a. DOS)
2007-12-08 Ulrich Mueller <> (tiny change)
* emacs.desktop (Exec, Icon, Categories): Fix entries.
This diff was suppressed by a .gitattributes entry.
This diff was suppressed by a .gitattributes entry.
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