Commit 2467875c authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(create-image): Doc fix.

parent 38f37c0f
......@@ -353,7 +353,12 @@ Optional PROPS are additional image attributes to assign to the image,
like, e.g. `:mask MASK'.
Value is the image created, or nil if images of type TYPE are not supported.
Images should not be larger than specified by `max-image-size'."
Images should not be larger than specified by `max-image-size'.
Image file names that are not absolute are searched for in the
\"images\" sub-directory of `data-directory' and
`x-bitmap-file-path' (in that order)."
;; It is x_find_image_file in image.c that sets the search path.
(setq type (image-type file-or-data type data-p))
(when (image-type-available-p type)
(append (list 'image :type type (if data-p :data :file) file-or-data)
2007-08-22 Glenn Morris <>
* image.c (x_find_image_file): Search in etc/images/ rather than
2007-08-22 Paul Pogonyshev <>
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