Commit 24679323 authored by Adam Spiers's avatar Adam Spiers Committed by Glenn Morris
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calendar-set-mode-line fix (tiny change)

* lisp/calendar/calendar.el (calendar-set-mode-line):
`getenv' returns a string.

Fixes: debbugs:10951
parent 109aa8a9
2012-03-06 Adam Spiers <> (tiny change)
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-set-mode-line):
`getenv' returns a string. (Bug#10951)
2012-03-05 Leo Liu <>
* simple.el (backward-delete-char-untabify): Constrain point to
......@@ -2602,7 +2602,7 @@ If called by a mouse-event, pops up a menu with the result."
;; If no frame exists yet, we have no idea what width to use.
(and (= width 10)
(not window-system)
(setq width (or (getenv "COLUMNS") 80)))
(setq width (string-to-number (or (getenv "COLUMNS") "80"))))
(setq mode-line-format
(if buffer-file-name
`("-" mode-line-modified
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