Commit 2479e91e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(read_char): Handle unread events from popup menus.

parent 954080b4
......@@ -1700,6 +1700,13 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
c = XCONS (Vunread_command_events)->car;
Vunread_command_events = XCONS (Vunread_command_events)->cdr;
/* Undo what read_char_x_menu_prompt did when it unread
additional keys returned by Fx_popup_menu. */
if (CONSP (c)
&& (SYMBOLP (XCONS (c)->car) || INTEGERP (XCONS (c)->car))
&& NILP (XCONS (c)->cdr))
c = XCONS (c)->car;
if (this_command_key_count == 0)
goto reread_first;
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