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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -834,6 +834,13 @@ list-buffers or electric-buffer-list. Use M-x bs-show to display a
buffer menu with this package. You can use M-x bs-customize to
customize the package.
*** calculator.el is a small calculator package that is intended to
replace desktop calculators such as xcalc and calc.exe. Actually, it
is not too small - it has more features than most desktop calculators,
and can be customized easily to get many more functions. It should
not be confused with "calc" which is a much bigger mathematical tool
which answers different needs.
*** The minor modes cwarn-mode and global-cwarn-mode highlights
suspicious C and C++ constructions. Currently, assignments inside
expressions, semicolon following `if', `for' and `while' (except, of
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