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2006-06-01 Micha,Ak(Bl Cadilhac <>
* process.c (deleted_pid_list): New variable to store the pids
of deleted processes. Declare it only if SIGCHLD is defined.
(init_process): Initialize it.
(syms_of_process): Staticpro it.
(Fdelete_process): Add pid of the deleted process to it. Check after
the addition and before the kill if the process is already stopped,
in which case it is deleted from the list and not killed.
(sigchld_handler): Define it only if SIGCHLD is. Search the process
that signaled Emacs in `deleted_pid_list' before `Vprocess_alist'.
Original idea by Stefan Monnier.
2006-06-01 Kim F. Storm <>
* dispnew.c (sit_for): Perform redisplay even if input is pending
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