Commit 24b5026f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix redisplay when a window's scroll bar or fringes are changed

* src/window.c (set_window_fringes, set_window_scroll_bars):
Set windows_or_buffers_changed flag to cause immediate
thorough redisplay of a window when scroll bars or fringes are
changed.  (Bug#33694)
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......@@ -7137,6 +7137,11 @@ set_window_fringes (struct window *w, Lisp_Object left_width,
w->right_fringe_width = right;
w->fringes_outside_margins = outside;
/* This is needed to trigger immediate redisplay of the window
when its fringes are changed, because fringes are redrawn
only if update_window is called, so we must trigger that even
if the window's glyph matrices did not change at all. */
windows_or_buffers_changed = 35;
return w;
......@@ -7254,6 +7259,12 @@ set_window_scroll_bars (struct window *w, Lisp_Object width,
wset_horizontal_scroll_bar_type (w, Qnil);
/* This is needed to trigger immediate redisplay of the window when
scroll bars are changed, because scroll bars are redisplayed only
if more than a single window needs to be considered, see
redisplay_internal. */
if (changed)
windows_or_buffers_changed = 31;
return changed ? w : NULL;
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