Commit 24d30c03 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(finder-find-library): Remove.

(finder-commentary): Use find-library-name and add completion.
parent b4b11a40
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
;;; Code:
(require 'lisp-mnt)
(require 'find-func) ;for find-library(-suffixes)
;; Use `load' rather than `require' so that it doesn't get loaded
;; during byte-compilation (at which point it might be missing).
(load "finder-inf" nil t)
......@@ -259,24 +260,17 @@ no arguments compiles from `load-path'."
(defun finder-find-library (library)
"Search for file LIBRARY on `load-path'.
Try compressed versions if jka-compr is in use."
(or (locate-library library t)
(if (rassq 'jka-compr-handler file-name-handler-alist)
(or (locate-library (concat library ".gz") t)
(locate-library (concat library ".Z") t)
;; last resort for MS-DOG et al
(locate-library (concat library "z"))))))
(defun finder-commentary (file)
"Display FILE's commentary section.
FILE should be in a form suitable for passing to `locate-library'."
(interactive "sLibrary name: ")
(let* ((str (lm-commentary (or (finder-find-library file)
(finder-find-library (concat file ".el"))
(error "Can't find library %s" file)))))
(completing-read "Library name: "
(cons (or find-function-source-path load-path)
(let* ((str (lm-commentary (find-library-name file))))
(if (null str)
(error "Can't find any Commentary section"))
(pop-to-buffer "*Finder*")
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