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Added short note on gpg-agent to the introduction.

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......@@ -77,7 +77,12 @@ and that you are familiar with its basic functions.
By default, PGG uses GnuPG, but Pretty Good Privacy version 2 or version
5 are also supported. If you are new to such a system, I recommend that
you should look over the GNU Privacy Handbook (GPH) which is available
at @uref{}.
at @uref{}.
When using GnuPG the additional use of the gpg-agent (@pxref{Caching
passphrase}) is highly recommended, as it provides the most secure way
for input and caching of passphrases. Please refer to the documentation
of GnuPG for details on installation and usage.
@node How to use
@chapter How to use
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