Commit 24f6a987 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Info-fontify-node): Bind up-clicks, not down-clicks.

Put the mouse-face on the entire xref, like the local keymap.
parent ff39e69c
......@@ -2603,7 +2603,7 @@ the variable `Info-file-list-for-emacs'."
(if (string-equal tag "Node")
(put-text-property nbeg nend 'face 'info-header-node)
(put-text-property nbeg nend 'face 'info-header-xref)
(put-text-property nbeg nend 'mouse-face 'highlight)
(put-text-property tbeg nend 'mouse-face 'highlight)
(put-text-property tbeg nend
(concat "Go to node "
......@@ -2616,8 +2616,8 @@ the variable `Info-file-list-for-emacs'."
("Up" . Info-up))))))
(when fun
(let ((keymap (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key keymap [header-line down-mouse-1] fun)
(define-key keymap [header-line down-mouse-2] fun)
(define-key keymap [header-line mouse-1] fun)
(define-key keymap [header-line mouse-2] fun)
(put-text-property tbeg nend 'local-map keymap)))))
(if (not Info-use-header-line)
;; In case they switched Info-use-header-line off
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