Commit 2532f20c authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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(Fx_create_frame): Do not override the explicitly set parent

window ID of a frame.
(x_window): Reparent frame if embedded.
(Fx_create_frame): Don't set border width if embedded.
parent 0f0d223b
......@@ -2720,6 +2720,10 @@ x_window (f, window_prompting, minibuffer_only)
XtManageChild (pane_widget);
XtRealizeWidget (shell_widget);
XReparentWindow (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), XtWindow (shell_widget),
f->output_data.x->parent_desc, 0, 0);
FRAME_X_WINDOW (f) = XtWindow (frame_widget);
validate_x_resource_name ();
......@@ -3459,8 +3463,10 @@ else
xlwmenu_default_font = FRAME_FONT (f);
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qborder_width, make_number (2),
"borderWidth", "BorderWidth", RES_TYPE_NUMBER);
/* Frame contents get displaced if an embedded X window has a border. */
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qborder_width, make_number (2),
"borderWidth", "BorderWidth", RES_TYPE_NUMBER);
/* This defaults to 1 in order to match xterm. We recognize either
internalBorderWidth or internalBorder (which is what xterm calls
......@@ -3531,8 +3537,6 @@ else
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qfullscreen, Qnil,
"fullscreen", "Fullscreen", RES_TYPE_SYMBOL);
f->output_data.x->parent_desc = FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window;
/* Compute the size of the X window. */
window_prompting = x_figure_window_size (f, parms, 1);
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