Commit 25450668 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(texinfo-format-node): Insert the node delimiter

that info is looking for unconditionally.
parent 8d4afcac
......@@ -924,9 +924,8 @@ lower types.")
(error "Duplicate node name: %s" name)
(setq texinfo-node-names (cons (list tem) texinfo-node-names))))
(setq texinfo-footnote-number 0)
(or (bolp)
(insert ?\n))
(insert "\^_\nFile: " texinfo-format-filename
;; insert "\n\^_" unconditionally since this is what info is looking for
(insert "\n\^_\nFile: " texinfo-format-filename
", Node: " name)
(if next
(insert ", Next: " next))
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