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(Font Locking Preliminaries): Link to Emacs manual node on Font

locking which now mentions JIT lock.
parent 0630f761
......@@ -1880,11 +1880,7 @@ This level is designed for fairly modern hardware and a font lock
support mode like Lazy Lock or Just-in-time Lock mode that only
fontifies the parts that are actually shown. Fontifying the whole
buffer at once can easily get bothersomely slow even on contemporary
@c ACM, 2005/8/28: There should be a page in the (X)Emacs manual
@c describing these support modes. There wasn't in the
@c fourteenth edition of the Emacs manual (released with Emacs 21.3).
@c There might be one in the Emacs CVS for 22.1.
hardware. @xref{Font Lock,,,@emacsman{}, @emacsmantitle{}}.
@end enumerate
@cindex user defined types
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