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2007-02-17 Kim F. Storm <>
* emacs-lisp/bindat.el (bindat--unpack-u*): Optimize.
(bindat--unpack-item, bindat--length-group, bindat--pack-item)
(bindat--unpack-group, bindat--pack-group):
Handle vectors with optional element type.
2007-02-17 Daiki Ueno <>
* pgg-gpg.el (pgg-gpg-process-region): Make USE-AGENT nil
2007-02-17 Kim F. Storm <>
* processes.texi (Bindat Spec): Vector types can have optional
element type.
(Bindat Examples): Fix example. Add vector with element type.
2007-02-16 Andreas Schwab <>
* strings.texi (Formatting Strings): Document '+' flag.
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