Commit 255ec1b0 authored by David Kastrup's avatar David Kastrup
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Fixing +++ tag from last checkin.

parent 1ed5c59c
......@@ -913,7 +913,6 @@ search multiple buffers. There is also a new command
buffers to search by their filename. Internally, Occur mode has been
rewritten, and now uses font-lock, among other changes.
** The default values of paragraph-start and indent-line-function have
been changed to reflect those used in Text mode rather than those used
in Indented-Text mode.
......@@ -931,6 +930,7 @@ commands now allow `\?' in the replacement string to specify a
position where the replacement string can be edited for each
** Emacs normally highlights mouse sensitive text whenever the mouse
is over the text. By setting the new variable `mouse-highlight', you
can optionally enable mouse highlighting only after you move the
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