Commit 259bf181 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(easy-menu-popup-menu): Function deleted.

parent 004b6f61
......@@ -616,20 +616,6 @@ In some cases we use that to select between the local and global maps."
(or (keymapp map) (error "Malformed menu in easy-menu: (%s)" map))
(defun easy-menu-popup-menu (menu &optional event)
"Pop up a menu and run a command according to user's selection.
MENU is a menu description as in `easy-menu-define'.
EVENT is a mouse button event and determines where to pop up the menu.
If EVENT is nil, pop up menu at the current mouse position."
(let ((map (easy-menu-create-menu (car menu) (cdr menu))))
(if (symbolp map)
(let ((f (memq :filter (get map 'menu-prop))))
(setq map (symbol-function map))
(if f (setq map (funcall (cadr f) map)))))
(let* ((sel (x-popup-menu (or event t) map))
(f (if (consp sel) (lookup-key map (apply 'vector sel)))))
(if (commandp f) (call-interactively f)))))
(provide 'easymenu)
;;; easymenu.el ends here
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