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2005-08-30 Carsten Dominik <>
* textmodes/org.el (org-special-keyword): New face.
(org-table-copy-down, org-table-eval-formula)
(org-table-recalculate, org-init-section-numbers): Use
`string-to-number' instead of `string-to-int'.
(org-get-location): Use `insert-buffer-substring' instead of
(org-modify-diary-entry-string): New function.
(org-get-entries-from-diary): Set the hook for
(org-disable-agenda-to-diary): renamed from `org-disable-diary'.
(org-toggle-fixed-width-section): Use QUOTE keyword if there is no
active region.
(org-export-as-html): Handle QUOTE keyword.
(org-quote-string): New option.
(org-bookmark-jump-unhide): New function, used for
(org-diary-default-entry): Apply only when not called through
2005-08-30 Juanma Barranquero <> 2005-08-30 Juanma Barranquero <>
* net/eudc.el (mode-popup-menu): * net/eudc.el (mode-popup-menu):
2005-08-30 Carsten Dominik <>
* org.texi: Version 3.15.
2005-08-29 Luc Teirlinck <> 2005-08-29 Luc Teirlinck <>
* ses.texi: Combine all three indices into one. * ses.texi: Combine all three indices into one.
\input texinfo \input texinfo
@c %**start of header @c %**start of header
@setfilename org @c @setfilename org
@c @setfilename ../info/org @setfilename ../info/org
@settitle Org Mode Manual @settitle Org Mode Manual
@set VERSION 3.15 @set VERSION 3.15
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