Commit 25b33244 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fsplit_window): For default size, round up for left window.

parent ca29a33e
......@@ -2613,8 +2613,10 @@ SIZE includes that window's scroll bar, or the divider column to its right.")
if (!NILP (horflag))
/* Calculate the size of the left-hand window, by dividing
the usable space in columns by two. */
size_int = XFASTINT (o->width) >> 1;
the usable space in columns by two.
We round up, since the left-hand window may include
a dividing line, while the right-hand may not. */
size_int = (XFASTINT (o->width) + 1) >> 1;
size_int = XFASTINT (o->height) >> 1;
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