Commit 25e907da authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(telnet-initial-filter, read-password): Don't unnecessarily duplicate comint

parent e555fdd8
......@@ -127,10 +127,9 @@ rejecting one login and prompting again for a username and password.")
(error "No such host."))
((string-match "passw" string)
(telnet-filter proc string)
(let* ((echo-keystrokes 0)
(password (read-password)))
(setq telnet-count 0)
(send-string proc (concat password telnet-new-line))))
(setq telnet-count 0)
(send-string proc (concat (comint-read-noecho "Password: " t)
(t (telnet-check-software-type-initialize string)
(telnet-filter proc string)
(cond ((> telnet-count telnet-maximum-count)
......@@ -228,14 +227,6 @@ Normally input is edited in Emacs and sent a line at a time."
(setq telnet-count -16)))
(defun read-password ()
(let ((answ "") tem)
(message "Reading password...")
(while (prog1 (not (memq (setq tem (read-char)) '(?\C-m ?\n ?\C-g)))
(setq quit-flag nil))
(setq answ (concat answ (char-to-string tem))))
(provide 'telnet)
;;; telnet.el ends here
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