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(menu-bar-scroll-bar-left, menu-bar-scroll-bar-none)
(showhide-menu-bar): New functions.
(menu-bar-showhide-menu): New submenu "Show/Hide".
(menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu): "Scroll-bar" submenu of "Show/Hide".
Update copyright notice.
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;;; menu-bar.el --- define a default menu bar ;;; menu-bar.el --- define a default menu bar
;; Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc. ;; Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: RMS ;; Author: RMS
;; Maintainer: FSF ;; Maintainer: FSF
...@@ -484,6 +484,82 @@ Do the same for the keys of the same name." ...@@ -484,6 +484,82 @@ Do the same for the keys of the same name."
;; The "Options" menu items ;; The "Options" menu items
;; The "Show/Hide" submenu of menu "Options"
(defvar menu-bar-showhide-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Show/Hide"))
(defvar menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Scroll-bar"))
(defun menu-bar-scroll-bar-right ()
"Turn on the scroll-bar on the right side."
(set-scroll-bar-mode 'right))
(defun menu-bar-scroll-bar-left ()
"Turn on the scroll-bar on the left side."
(set-scroll-bar-mode 'left))
(defun menu-bar-scroll-bar-none ()
"Turn off the scroll-bar."
(set-scroll-bar-mode nil))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu [right]
'(menu-item "On the Right" menu-bar-scroll-bar-right
:help "Scroll-bar on the right side"
:visible window-system
:button (:radio . (eq scroll-bar-mode 'right))))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu [left]
'(menu-item "On the Left" menu-bar-scroll-bar-left
:help "Scroll-bar on the left side"
:visible window-system
:button (:radio . (eq scroll-bar-mode 'left))))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu [none]
'(menu-item "None" menu-bar-scroll-bar-none
:help "Turn off scroll-bar"
:visible window-system
:button (:radio . (eq scroll-bar-mode nil))))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-menu [showhide-scroll-bar]
(list 'menu-item "Scroll-Bar" menu-bar-showhide-scroll-bar-menu
:visible window-system
:help "Select scroll-bar mode"))
(defun showhide-menu-bar ()
"Toggle whether to turn menu-bar on/off."
(if (menu-bar-mode)
(message "Menu-bar mode enabled.")
(message "Menu-bar mode disabled. Use M-x menu-bar-mode to make the menu bar appear.")))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-menu [showhide-menu-bar]
'(menu-item "Menu-bar" showhide-menu-bar
:help "Toggle menu-bar on/off"
:button (:toggle . menu-bar-mode)))
(defun showhide-tool-bar ()
"Toggle whether to turn tool-bar on/off."
(if (tool-bar-mode)
(message "Tool-bar mode enabled.")
(message "Tool-bar mode disabled.")))
(define-key menu-bar-showhide-menu [showhide-tool-bar]
'(menu-item "Tool-bar" showhide-tool-bar
:help "Turn tool-bar on/off"
:visible window-system
:button (:toggle . tool-bar-mode)))
(define-key menu-bar-options-menu [showhide]
(list 'menu-item "Show/Hide" menu-bar-showhide-menu
:help "Toggle on/off various display features"))
(define-key menu-bar-options-menu [showhide-separator]
(defvar menu-bar-custom-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Customize")) (defvar menu-bar-custom-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Customize"))
(define-key menu-bar-custom-menu [customize-apropos-groups] (define-key menu-bar-custom-menu [customize-apropos-groups]
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