Commit 26038aa6 authored by Tibor Csögör's avatar Tibor Csögör Committed by Thomas Fitzsimmons
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Fix documentation of 'eudc-inline-expansion-format'

* doc/misc/eudc.texi (Inline Query Expansion): Fix the default value of
'eudc-inline-expansion-format'. (Bug#24840)


(cherry picked from commit 1fef1387)
parent dbb34102
......@@ -733,8 +733,7 @@ upon an inline expansion request. It is a list whose first element is a
string passed to @code{format}. Remaining elements are symbols
corresponding to directory attribute names. The corresponding attribute
values are passed as additional arguments to @code{format}. Default is
@code{("%s" email)} but you may want to consider a value like @code{("%s
<%s>" name email)}
@code{("%s %s <%s>" firstname name email)}.
@end defvar
@defvar eudc-multiple-match-handling-method
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