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* NEWS: Tramp methods "scpc" and "rsyncc" are discontinued.

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2013-02-14 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: Tramp methods "scpc" and "rsyncc" are discontinued.
2013-02-11 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: Add autorevert changes.
......@@ -186,10 +186,16 @@ space, no spaces, or reverting to the original spacing. Like
leave different number of spaces.
** Tramp
*** New connection method "adb", which allows to access Android
devices by the Android Debug Bridge. The variable `tramp-adb-sdk-dir'
must be set to the Android SDK installation directory.
*** The connection methods "scpc" and "rsyncc" are discontinued. The
ssh option "ControlMaster=auto" is set automatically in all ssh-based
methods, when possible.
*** Handlers for `file-acl' and `set-file-acl' for remote machines
which support POSIX ACLs.
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