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* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Frequently Asked Questions): New item for ad-hoc

multi-hop files.
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......@@ -3691,6 +3691,24 @@ I would like to thank all @value{tramp} users who have contributed to
the different recipes!
@item I have saved @value{tramp} file names as indicated. But it
doesn't work in a new @value{emacsname} session!
If you have saved an ad-hoc multi-hop @value{tramp} file name
(@pxref{Ad-hoc multi-hops}) via bookmarks, recent files,
@ifset emacs
filecache, bbdb,
@end ifset
or another package, you must use the full ad-hoc file name including
all hops, like @file{@trampfn{ssh, bird,
bastion|ssh@value{postfixhop}, /opt/news/etc}}.
Alternatively, if you save only the abbreviated multi-hop file name
@file{@trampfn{ssh, news,, /opt/news/etc}}, the
customer option @code{tramp-save-ad-hoc-proxies} must be set to a to a
non-@code{nil} value.
@ifset emacs
How can I use @value{tramp} to connect to a remote @value{emacsname}
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