Commit 26ae6b61 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_get_arg): Use downcased string in compare.

parent a8ccd803
......@@ -1436,11 +1436,11 @@ x_get_arg (alist, param, attribute, class, type)
Lisp_Object lower;
lower = Fdowncase (tem);
if (!strcmp (XSTRING (tem)->data, "on")
|| !strcmp (XSTRING (tem)->data, "true"))
if (!strcmp (XSTRING (lower)->data, "on")
|| !strcmp (XSTRING (lower)->data, "true"))
return Qt;
else if (!strcmp (XSTRING (tem)->data, "off")
|| !strcmp (XSTRING (tem)->data, "false"))
else if (!strcmp (XSTRING (lower)->data, "off")
|| !strcmp (XSTRING (lower)->data, "false"))
return Qnil;
return Fintern (tem, Qnil);
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