Commit 26b6f040 authored by Edward M. Reingold's avatar Edward M. Reingold
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Mention Hochleitner's correlation.

parent ce992678
......@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@
"Number of days of the Mayan calendar epoch before absolute day 0.
According to the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlation. This correlation is
not universally accepted, as it still a subject of astro-archeological
research. Using 1232041 will give you the correlation used by Spinden.")
research. Using 1232041 will give you Spinden's correlation; using
1142840 will give you Hochleitner's correlation.")
(defconst calendar-mayan-haab-at-epoch '(8 . 18)
"Mayan haab date at the epoch.")
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