Commit 26b8f810 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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* progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-emacs-variable-inits): new variable.

(c-lang-setvar): new macro.
(c-make-init-lang-vars-fun): Use the initialization forms in
c-emacs-variable-inits in addition to those in c-lang-variable-inits.
(comment-start, comment-end, comment-start-skip): Change these from
c-lang-defvar's to c-lang-setvar's.

* progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-make-emacs-variables-local): new macro,
which calls make-local-variable on the elements of
(c-init-language-vars-for): Call this new macro.
parent d8cd7202
......@@ -134,12 +134,18 @@
;; These are used to collect the init forms from the subsequent
;; `c-lang-defvar'. They are used to build the lambda in
;; `c-make-init-lang-vars-fun' below.
;; `c-lang-defvar' and `c-lang-setvar'. They are used to build the
;; lambda in `c-make-init-lang-vars-fun' below, and to build `defvar's
;; and `make-variable-buffer-local's in cc-engine and
;; `make-local-variable's in `c-init-language-vars-for'.
(defvar c-lang-variable-inits nil)
(defvar c-lang-variable-inits-tail nil)
(setq c-lang-variable-inits (list nil)
c-lang-variable-inits-tail c-lang-variable-inits))
c-lang-variable-inits-tail c-lang-variable-inits)
(defvar c-emacs-variable-inits nil)
(defvar c-emacs-variable-inits-tail nil)
(setq c-emacs-variable-inits (list nil)
c-emacs-variable-inits-tail c-emacs-variable-inits))
(defmacro c-lang-defvar (var val &optional doc)
"Declares the buffer local variable VAR to get the value VAL. VAL is
......@@ -172,6 +178,25 @@ the evaluated constant value at compile time."
;; Return the symbol, like the other def* forms.
(defmacro c-lang-setvar (var val)
"Causes the variable VAR to be made buffer local and to get set to the
value VAL. VAL is evaluated and assigned at mode initialization. More
precisely, VAL is evaluated and bound to VAR when the result from the
macro `c-init-language-vars' is evaluated. VAR is typically a standard
Emacs variable like `comment-start'.
`c-lang-const' is typically used in VAL to get the right value for the
language being initialized, and such calls will be macro expanded to
the evaluated constant value at compile time."
(let ((elem (assq var (cdr c-emacs-variable-inits))))
(if elem
(setcdr elem (list val)) ; Maybe remove "list", sometime. 2006-07-19
(setcdr c-emacs-variable-inits-tail (list (list var val)))
(setq c-emacs-variable-inits-tail (cdr c-emacs-variable-inits-tail))))
;; Return the symbol, like the other def* forms.
(put 'c-lang-defvar 'lisp-indent-function 'defun)
; (eval-after-load "edebug" ; 2006-07-09: def-edebug-spec is now in subr.el.
; '
......@@ -1103,8 +1128,7 @@ properly."
;; In C we still default to the block comment style since line
;; comments aren't entirely portable.
c "/* ")
(c-lang-defvar comment-start (c-lang-const comment-start)
(c-lang-setvar comment-start (c-lang-const comment-start))
(c-lang-defconst comment-end
"String that ends comments inserted with M-; etc.
......@@ -1117,8 +1141,7 @@ properly."
(c-lang-const comment-start))
(concat " " (c-lang-const c-block-comment-ender))
(c-lang-defvar comment-end (c-lang-const comment-end)
(c-lang-setvar comment-end (c-lang-const comment-end))
(c-lang-defconst comment-start-skip
"Regexp to match the start of a comment plus everything up to its body.
......@@ -1134,8 +1157,7 @@ properly."
(c-lang-const c-block-comment-starter)))
"\\)\\s *"))
(c-lang-defvar comment-start-skip (c-lang-const comment-start-skip)
(c-lang-setvar comment-start-skip (c-lang-const comment-start-skip))
(c-lang-defconst c-syntactic-ws-start
;; Regexp matching any sequence that can start syntactic whitespace.
......@@ -2806,9 +2828,10 @@ way."
;;; Wrap up the `c-lang-defvar' system.
;; Compile in the list of language variables that has been collected
;; with the `c-lang-defvar' macro. Note that the first element is
;; nil.
;; with the `c-lang-defvar' and `c-lang-setvar' macros. Note that the
;; first element of each is nil.
(defconst c-lang-variable-inits (cc-eval-when-compile c-lang-variable-inits))
(defconst c-emacs-variable-inits (cc-eval-when-compile c-emacs-variable-inits))
(defun c-make-init-lang-vars-fun (mode)
"Create a function that initializes all the language dependent variables
......@@ -2841,12 +2864,16 @@ accomplish that conveniently."
;; `c-lang-const' will expand to the evaluated
;; constant immediately in `cl-macroexpand-all'
;; below.
(lambda (init)
`(current-var ',(car init)
,(car init) ,(cl-macroexpand-all
(elt init 1))))
(cdr c-lang-variable-inits))))
(lambda (init)
`(current-var ',(car init)
,(car init) ,(cl-macroexpand-all
(elt init 1))))
;; Note: The following `append' copies the
;; first argument. That list is small, so
;; this doesn't matter too much.
(append (cdr c-emacs-variable-inits)
(cdr c-lang-variable-inits)))))
;; This diagnostic message isn't useful for end
;; users, so it's disabled.
......@@ -2859,7 +2886,8 @@ accomplish that conveniently."
(require 'cc-langs)
(setq source-eval t)
(let ((init (cdr c-lang-variable-inits)))
(let ((init (append (cdr c-emacs-variable-inits)
(cdr c-lang-variable-inits))))
(while init
(setq current-var (caar init))
(set (caar init) (eval (cadar init)))
......@@ -2867,7 +2895,7 @@ accomplish that conveniently."
(if current-var
(message "Eval error in the `c-lang-defvar' for `%s'%s: %S"
(message "Eval error in the `c-lang-defvar' or `c-lang-setvar' for `%s'%s: %S"
(if source-eval
(format "\
......@@ -2883,7 +2911,8 @@ accomplish that conveniently."
`(lambda ()
(require 'cc-langs)
(let ((c-buffer-is-cc-mode ',mode)
(init (cdr c-lang-variable-inits))
(init (append (cdr c-emacs-variable-inits)
(cdr c-lang-variable-inits)))
(condition-case err
......@@ -2895,7 +2924,7 @@ accomplish that conveniently."
(if current-var
"Eval error in the `c-lang-defvar' for `%s' (source eval): %S"
"Eval error in the `c-lang-defvar' or `c-lang-setver' for `%s' (source eval): %S"
current-var err)
(signal (car err) (cdr err)))))))
......@@ -153,12 +153,21 @@
(defun c-leave-cc-mode-mode ()
(setq c-buffer-is-cc-mode nil))
;; Make the `c-lang-setvar' variables buffer local in the current buffer.
;; These are typically standard emacs variables such as `comment-start'.
(defmacro c-make-emacs-variables-local ()
,@(mapcan (lambda (init)
`((make-local-variable ',(car init))))
(cdr c-emacs-variable-inits))))
(defun c-init-language-vars-for (mode)
"Initialize the language variables for one of the language modes
directly supported by CC Mode. This can be used instead of the
`c-init-language-vars' macro if the language you want to use is one of
those, rather than a derived language defined through the language
variable system (see \"cc-langs.el\")."
(cond ((eq mode 'c-mode) (c-init-language-vars c-mode))
((eq mode 'c++-mode) (c-init-language-vars c++-mode))
((eq mode 'objc-mode) (c-init-language-vars objc-mode))
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