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Remove some old unicode notes

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......@@ -62,14 +62,6 @@ regard to completeness.
dumped emacs. But, those maps (char tables) generated while
temacs is running can't be removed from the dumped emacs.
* Translation tables for {en,de}code currently aren't supported.
This should be fixed by the changes of 2002-10-14.
* Defining CCL coding systems currently doesn't work.
This should be fixed by the changes of 2003-01-30.
* iso-2022 charsets get unified on i/o.
With the change on 2003-01-06, decoding routines put `charset'
......@@ -88,8 +80,6 @@ regard to completeness.
handle more scripts specifically (à la Devanagari). There are
issues with canonicalization.
* Bidi is a separate issue with no support currently.
* We need tabular input methods, e.g. for maths symbols. (Not
specific to Unicode.)
......@@ -102,27 +92,9 @@ regard to completeness.
worry about what happens when double-width charsets covering
non-CJK characters are unified.
* Emacs 20/21 .elc files are currently not loadable. It may or may
not be possible to do this properly.
With the change on 2002-07-24, elc files generated by Emacs
20.3 and later are correctly loaded (including those
containing multibyte characters and compressed). But, elc
files generated by 20.2 and the primer are still not loadable.
Is it really worth working on it?
* Rmail won't work with non-ASCII text. Encoding issues for Babyl
files need sorting out, but rms says Babyl will go before this is
* Gnus still needs some attention, and we need to get changes
accepted by Gnus maintainers...
* There are type errors lurking, e.g. in
Fcheck_coding_systems_region. Define ENABLE_CHECKING to find them.
* You can grep the code for lots of fixmes.
* Old auto-save files, and similar files, such as Gnus drafts,
containing non-ASCII characters probably won't be re-read correctly.
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