Commit 26d504d7 authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold
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fix docstrings of `purecopy-cons' & `purecopy-car' per Chong Yidong's request

parent 7d93eca9
......@@ -2321,10 +2321,10 @@ BEG and END default respectively to the beginning and end of buffer."
;;;; Miscellanea.
(defun purecopy-cons (arg)
"Purecopy both car and cdr of the pair argument."
"Return a copy of ARG from a `purecopy' of the car and cdr of ARG."
(cons (purecopy (car arg)) (purecopy (cdr arg))))
(defun purecopy-car (arg)
"Purecopy the car of the pair argument."
"Return a copy of ARG whose car is a `purecopy' of the car of ARG."
(cons (purecopy (car arg)) (cdr arg)))
(defvar suspend-hook nil
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