Commit 270ca8c2 authored by Jimmy Aguilar Mena's avatar Jimmy Aguilar Mena

Fix internal-lisp-face-attributes to match face.

* lisp/face-remap.el (internal-lisp-face-attributes): Updated the
vector members to match the real member names. (Bug#37806) (Bug#37824)
parent 3aa8f4d4
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......@@ -64,12 +64,14 @@
;; Names of face attributes corresponding to lisp face-vector positions.
;; This variable should probably be defined in C code where the actual
;; definitions are available.
;; :vector must be always at the end as a guard
(defvar internal-lisp-face-attributes
:family :foundry :swidth :height :weight :slant :underline :inverse
:foreground :background :stipple :overline :strike :box
:font :inherit :fontset :vector])
:family :foundry :width :height :weight :slant :underline
:foreground :background :stipple :overline :strike-through :box
:font :inherit :fontset :distant-foreground :extend :vector])
(defun face-attrs-more-relative-p (attrs1 attrs2)
"Return true if ATTRS1 contains a greater number of relative
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