Commit 272235c1 authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani
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Test module: add necessary version checks

* test/data/emacs-module/mod-test.c (emacs_module_init): Add necessary
version checks.
parent d7f6477c
......@@ -264,8 +264,14 @@ bind_function (emacs_env *env, const char *name, emacs_value Sfun)
emacs_module_init (struct emacs_runtime *ert)
if (ert->size < sizeof *ert)
return 1;
emacs_env *env = ert->get_environment (ert);
if (env->size <= sizeof *env)
return 2;
#define DEFUN(lsym, csym, amin, amax, doc, data) \
bind_function (env, lsym, \
env->make_function (env, amin, amax, csym, doc, data))
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