Commit 272ddc67 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky
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Fixup warning message regarding HOME a bit more

* src/w32.c (init_environment): The manual section title is "Windows
HOME" (Bug #11612).  Move newline so warning fits in 80 character lines.
parent 43206d6f
......@@ -2776,9 +2776,9 @@ init_environment (char ** argv)
= Fcons
(listn (CONSTYPE_HEAP, 2,
intern ("initialization"), build_string
("Use of `C:\\.emacs' without defining `HOME' "
"in the environment is deprecated,\n"
"see `Windows Home' in the Emacs manual.")),
("Use of `C:\\.emacs' without defining `HOME'\n"
"in the environment is deprecated, "
"see `Windows HOME' in the Emacs manual.")),
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