Commit 273c0c50 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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(re_comp, re_exec): Define this obsolete 4.2bsd

interface only if the new feature test macro _REGEX_RE_COMP is defined.
This avoids a clash with Cray YMP include files.
parent 83d8b97d
......@@ -4934,9 +4934,9 @@ re_compile_pattern (pattern, length, bufp)
/* Entry points compatible with 4.2 BSD regex library. We don't define
them if this is an Emacs or POSIX compilation. */
them unless specifically requested. */
#if !defined (emacs) && !defined (_POSIX_SOURCE)
/* BSD has one and only one pattern buffer. */
static struct re_pattern_buffer re_comp_buf;
......@@ -4987,7 +4987,7 @@ re_exec (s)
0 <= re_search (&re_comp_buf, s, len, 0, len, (struct re_registers *) 0);
#endif /* not emacs and not _POSIX_SOURCE */
#endif /* _REGEX_RE_COMP */
/* POSIX.2 functions. Don't define these for Emacs. */
......@@ -460,9 +460,11 @@ extern void re_set_registers
_RE_ARGS ((struct re_pattern_buffer *buffer, struct re_registers *regs,
unsigned num_regs, regoff_t *starts, regoff_t *ends));
/* 4.2 bsd compatibility. */
extern char *re_comp _RE_ARGS ((const char *));
extern int re_exec _RE_ARGS ((const char *));
/* POSIX compatibility. */
extern int regcomp _RE_ARGS ((regex_t *preg, const char *pattern, int cflags));
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