Commit 2747503c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(locate-library): Doc fix.

parent ff4599fd
......@@ -667,11 +667,11 @@ Argument is a command definition, usually a symbol with a function definition."
(defun locate-library (library &optional nosuffix)
"Show the full path name of Emacs library LIBRARY.
"Show the precise file name of Emacs library LIBRARY.
This command searches the directories in `load-path' like `M-x load-library'
to find the file that `M-x load-library RET LIBRARY RET' would load.
Optional second arg NOSUFFIX non-nil means don't add suffixes `.elc' or `.el'
to the specified name LIBRARY (a la calling `load' instead of `load-library')."
to the specified name LIBRARY."
(interactive "sLocate library: ")
(catch 'answer
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