Commit 275cffa7 authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(cpp-choose-face): Fix typo.

parent edb33387
2001-11-12 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* progmodes/cpp.el (cpp-choose-face): Fix typo.
2001-11-12 Sam Steingold <>
* emacs-lisp/cl-indent.el (toplevel): Indent properly
......@@ -687,7 +687,7 @@ BRANCH should be either nil (false branch), t (true branch) or 'both."
(defun cpp-choose-face (prompt default)
;; Choose a face from cpp-face-defalt-list.
;; Choose a face from cpp-face-default-list.
;; PROMPT is what to say to the user.
;; DEFAULT is the default face.
(or (if cpp-button-event
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