Commit 27964af4 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

In frame parameters documentation mention desktop saving/restoring

* doc/lispref/frames.texi (Frame Parameters): Mention that
applications have to care about which parameters they want to
get saved and restored by the desktop library.
parent 1bd4e7c2
......@@ -1210,6 +1210,13 @@ terminal supports colors, the parameters @code{foreground-color},
@code{display-type} are also meaningful. If the terminal supports
frame transparency, the parameter @code{alpha} is also meaningful.
By default, frame parameters are saved and restored by the desktop
library functions (@pxref{Desktop Save Mode}) when the variable
@code{desktop-restore-frames} is non-@code{nil}. It's the
responsibility of applications that their parameters are included in
@code{frameset-persistent-filter-alist} to avoid that they get
meaningless or even harmful values in restored sessions.
* Parameter Access:: How to change a frame's parameters.
* Initial Parameters:: Specifying frame parameters when you make a frame.
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