Commit 27a17229 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(archive-summarize-files): Add help-echo to mouse-highlighted text.

parent e75e894b
...@@ -746,9 +746,11 @@ when parsing the archive." ...@@ -746,9 +746,11 @@ when parsing the archive."
(let ((text (concat (aref fil 0) "\n"))) (let ((text (concat (aref fil 0) "\n")))
(if archive-lemacs (if archive-lemacs
() ; out of luck () ; out of luck
(put-text-property (aref fil 1) (aref fil 2) (add-text-properties
'mouse-face 'highlight (aref fil 1) (aref fil 2)
text)) '(mouse-face highlight
help-echo "mouse-2: extract this file into a buffer")
text))) text)))
files))) files)))
(setq archive-file-list-end (point-marker))) (setq archive-file-list-end (point-marker)))
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