Commit 27a69ff0 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/simple.el (undo-make-selective-list): Obey undo-no-redo.

parent d3e5c0ea
2014-05-13 Stefan Monnier <>
* simple.el (undo-make-selective-list): Obey undo-no-redo.
2014-05-12 Sam Steingold <>
* calendar/time-date.el (seconds-to-string): New function to
......@@ -2437,6 +2437,9 @@ list can be applied to the current buffer."
(while ulist
(when undo-no-redo
(while (gethash ulist undo-equiv-table)
(setq ulist (gethash ulist undo-equiv-table))))
(setq undo-elt (car ulist))
((null undo-elt)
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