Commit 27a7c83f authored by Daniel Pfeiffer's avatar Daniel Pfeiffer

(auto-mode-alist, interpreter-mode-alist): Set up the new variants of makefile-mode.

parent 9c859203
2005-05-13 Daniel Pfeiffer <>
* progmodes/make-mode.el (makefile-targets-face)
(makefile-shell-face, makefile-makepp-perl-face): New faces.
(makefile-dependency-regex): Fix it to not make the colon in
$(var:a=b) special.
(makefile-rule-action-regex): New regexp for highlighting embedded
Shell strings.
(makefile-macroassign-regex): Handle != for highlighting as
embedded Shell strings.
(makefile-var-use-regex): New const.
(makefile-statements, makefile-automake-statements)
(makefile-gmake-statements, makefile-makepp-statements)
(makefile-bsdmake-statements): New consts.
(makefile-make-font-lock-keywords): New function.
(makefile-bsdmake-font-lock-keywords): New consts.
(makefile-mode-map): Add switchers between the various submodes.
(makefile-mode): Document the availability of the variants.
(makefile-automake-mode, makefile-gmake-mode)
(makefile-makepp-mode, makefile-bsdmake-mode): New derived modes.
* files.el (auto-mode-alist, interpreter-mode-alist): Set up the
new variants of makefile-mode.
2005-05-12 Stefan Monnier <>
* font-lock.el (font-lock-comment-delimiter-face): Fix up
......@@ -1762,9 +1762,11 @@ in that case, this function acts as if `enable-local-variables' were t."
("\\.ad[abs]\\'" . ada-mode)
("\\.ad[bs].dg\\'" . ada-mode)
("\\.\\([pP]\\([Llm]\\|erl\\|od\\)\\|al\\)\\'" . perl-mode)
("\\.mk\\'" . makefile-mode)
("\\([Mm]\\|GNUm\\)akep*file\\'" . makefile-mode)
("\\.am\\'" . makefile-mode) ;For Automake.
("\\.mk\\'" . makefile-gmake-mode) ; Might be any make, give Gnu the host advantage
("[Mm]akefile\\'" . makefile-mode)
("GNUmakefile\\'" . makefile-gmake-mode)
("Makeppfile\\'" . makefile-makepp-mode)
("\\.am\\'" . makefile-automake-mode)
;; Less common extensions come here
;; so more common ones above are found faster.
("\\.texinfo\\'" . texinfo-mode)
......@@ -1936,7 +1938,7 @@ and `magic-mode-alist', which determines modes based on file contents.")
("more" . text-mode)
("less" . text-mode)
("pg" . text-mode)
("make" . makefile-mode) ; Debian uses this
("make" . makefile-gmake-mode) ; Debian uses this
("guile" . scheme-mode)
("clisp" . lisp-mode)))
"Alist mapping interpreter names to major modes.
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