Commit 27acfab3 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdba): Recreate as an alias for gdb.

(gdb): (Re)set gdb-flush-pending-output to nil here...
(gdb-init-1): ...instead of here (before gdb-prompt).
parent 0287c1d9
......@@ -317,9 +317,14 @@ session."
(setq gdb-first-prompt t)
(setq gud-running nil)
(setq gdb-ready nil)
(setq gdb-flush-pending-output nil)
(setq gud-filter-pending-text nil)
(run-hooks 'gdb-mode-hook))
;; Keep as an alias for compatibility with Emacs 22.1.
(defalias 'gdba 'gdb)
(defcustom gdb-debug-log-max 128
"Maximum size of `gdb-debug-log'. If nil, size is unlimited."
:group 'gud
......@@ -593,7 +598,6 @@ otherwise do not."
gdb-pending-triggers nil
gdb-output-sink 'user
gdb-server-prefix "server "
gdb-flush-pending-output nil
gdb-location-alist nil
gdb-source-file-list nil
gdb-error nil
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