Commit 27d8ff63 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(Init File, System Environment, Sound Output, Session Management): Remove

parent 3fbca65f
......@@ -246,13 +246,11 @@ command-line action arguments.
@end defvar
@defvar emacs-startup-hook
@tindex emacs-startup-hook
This normal hook is run, once, just after handling the command line
arguments, just before @code{term-setup-hook}.
@end defvar
@defvar user-init-file
@tindex user-init-file
This variable holds the absolute file name of the user's init file. If the
actual init file loaded is a compiled file, such as @file{.emacs.elc},
the value refers to the corresponding source file.
......@@ -793,7 +791,6 @@ and MS-Windows.
@end defvar
@defun parse-colon-path path
@tindex parse-colon-path
This function takes a search path string such as would be the value of
the @code{PATH} environment variable, and splits it at the separators,
returning a list of directory names. @code{nil} in this list stands for
......@@ -1915,7 +1912,6 @@ earlier did not support sound at all.
The sound must be stored as a file in RIFF-WAVE format (@samp{.wav})
or Sun Audio format (@samp{.au}).
@tindex play-sound
@defun play-sound sound
This function plays a specified sound. The argument, @var{sound}, has
the form @code{(sound @var{properties}...)}, where the @var{properties}
......@@ -1952,12 +1948,10 @@ Each function is called with one argument, @var{sound}.
@end defun
@defun play-sound-file file &optional volume device
@tindex play-sound-file
This function is an alternative interface to playing a sound @var{file}
specifying an optional @var{volume} and @var{device}.
@end defun
@tindex play-sound-functions
@defvar play-sound-functions
A list of functions to be called before playing a sound. Each function
is called with one argument, a property list that describes the sound.
......@@ -2060,7 +2054,6 @@ saved session to restore. For Emacs, this argument is @samp{--smid
@defvar emacs-save-session-functions
@tindex emacs-save-session-functions
Emacs supports saving state by using a hook called
@code{emacs-save-session-functions}. Each function in this hook is
called when the session manager tells Emacs that the window system is
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