Commit 27e81f9f authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Reduce redundancy.

parent dff76c18
2014-07-08 Stefan Monnier <>
* erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Reduce redundancy.
2014-06-19 Kelvin White <>
* erc-backend.el: Handle user modes in relevant server responses
......@@ -2797,7 +2797,8 @@ VALUE is computed by evaluating the rest of LINE in Lisp."
(concat "\n" (pp-to-string val))
(format " %S\n" val)))))
(apropos-internal "^erc-" 'custom-variable-p))))
(current-buffer)) t)
(t nil)))
(defalias 'erc-cmd-VAR 'erc-cmd-SET)
(defalias 'erc-cmd-VARIABLE 'erc-cmd-SET)
......@@ -3874,7 +3875,8 @@ If FACE is non-nil, it will be used to propertize the prompt. If it is nil,
(insert (read-from-minibuffer "Message: "
(string (if (featurep 'xemacs)
last-command-event)) read-map))
(defvar erc-action-history-list ()
......@@ -4106,10 +4108,12 @@ E.g. \"Read error to Nick []: 110\" would be shortened to
host (regexp-quote host))
(or (when (string-match (concat "^\\(Read error\\) to "
nick "\\[" host "\\]: "
"\\(.+\\)$") reason)
(concat (match-string 1 reason) ": " (match-string 2 reason)))
(when (string-match (concat "^\\(Ping timeout\\) for "
nick "\\[" host "\\]$") reason)
nick "\\[" host "\\]$")
(match-string 1 reason))
......@@ -4226,7 +4230,8 @@ See also `erc-format-nick-function'."
(let ((nick (erc-server-user-nickname user)))
(concat (erc-propertize
(erc-get-user-mode-prefix nick)
'face 'erc-nick-prefix-face) nick)))
'face 'erc-nick-prefix-face)
(defun erc-get-user-mode-prefix (user)
(when user
......@@ -4252,7 +4257,8 @@ also `erc-format-nick-function'."
(let ((nick (erc-server-user-nickname user)))
(concat (erc-propertize
(erc-get-user-mode-prefix nick)
'face 'erc-nick-prefix-face) nick))))
'face 'erc-nick-prefix-face)
(defun erc-format-my-nick ()
"Return the beginning of this user's message, correctly propertized."
......@@ -4772,24 +4778,16 @@ channel."
(let ((updatep t))
(setq name item op 'off voice 'off halfop 'off admin 'off owner 'off)
(if (rassq (elt item 0) prefix)
(cond ((= (length item) 1)
(setq updatep nil))
((eq (elt item 0) voice-ch)
(setq name (substring item 1)
voice 'on))
((eq (elt item 0) hop-ch)
(setq name (substring item 1)
halfop 'on))
((eq (elt item 0) op-ch)
(setq name (substring item 1)
op 'on))
((eq (elt item 0) adm-ch)
(setq name (substring item 1)
admin 'on))
((eq (elt item 0) own-ch)
(setq name (substring item 1)
owner 'on))
(t (setq name (substring item 1)))))
(if (= (length item) 1)
(setq updatep nil)
(setq name (substring item 1))
(setf (pcase (aref item 0)
((pred (eq voice-ch)) voice)
((pred (eq hop-ch)) hop)
((pred (eq op-ch)) op)
((pred (eq adm-ch)) adm)
((pred (eq own-ch)) own))
(when updatep
(puthash (erc-downcase name) t
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