Commit 2821e1b6 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(font-lock-extend-region-function, font-lock-extend-region):

Move from font-core.el.  Simplify.
parent 663e1660
2006-08-01 Stefan Monnier <>
* font-core.el (font-lock-extend-region-function)
(font-lock-extend-region): Move to font-lock.el.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-extend-region-function)
(font-lock-extend-region): Move from font-core.el. Simplify.
* jit-lock.el (jit-lock-fontify-now): Cause a second redisplay
if needed.
(jit-lock-start, jit-lock-end): New dynamic scoped vars.
(jit-lock-after-change-extend-region-functions): New hook.
(jit-lock-after-change): Use it instead of hard-coding font-lock code.
* font-lock.el (font-lock-extend-jit-lock-region-after-change): New fun.
(font-lock-turn-on-thing-lock): Use it.
......@@ -975,6 +975,31 @@ The value of this variable is used when Font Lock mode is turned on."
;; directives correctly and cleanly. (It is the same problem as fontifying
;; multi-line strings and comments; regexps are not appropriate for the job.)
(defvar font-lock-extend-region-function nil
"A function that determines the region to fontify after a change.
This variable is either nil, or is a function that determines the
region to refontify after a change.
It is usually set by the major mode via `font-lock-defaults'.
Font-lock calls this function after each buffer change.
The function is given three parameters, the standard BEG, END, and OLD-LEN
from `after-change-functions'. It should return either a cons of the beginning
and end buffer positions \(in that order) of the region to fontify, or nil
\(which directs the caller to fontify a default region). This function
should preserve point and the match-data.
The region it returns may start or end in the middle of a line.")
(defun font-lock-extend-region (beg end old-len)
"Determine the region to fontify after a buffer change.
BEG END and OLD-LEN are the standard parameters from `after-change-functions'.
The return value is either nil \(which directs the caller to chose the region
itself), or a cons of the beginning and end \(in that order) of the region.
The region returned may start or end in the middle of a line."
(if font-lock-extend-region-function
(funcall font-lock-extend-region-function beg end old-len)))
(defun font-lock-fontify-buffer ()
"Fontify the current buffer the way the function `font-lock-mode' would."
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