Commit 28259cac authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(adjust_markers_for_delete): Move it in the right direction! (bug#4803)

parent bb301b9a
2009-11-24 Stefan Monnier <>
* insdel.c (adjust_markers_for_delete): Move it in the
right direction! (bug#4803)
2009-11-24 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* font.c (font_open_entity): Don't use ASET if font_object is Qnil.
......@@ -370,14 +370,14 @@ adjust_markers_for_delete (EMACS_INT from, EMACS_INT from_byte,
re-inserted text after undoing a deletion, and must be
adjusted to move them to the correct place. */
XSETMISC (marker, m);
record_marker_adjustment (marker, from - charpos);
record_marker_adjustment (marker, from - charpos);
else if (charpos < to)
{ /* Before-insertion markers will automatically move forward
upon re-inserting the deleted text, so we have to arrange
for them to move backward to the correct position. */
XSETMISC (marker, m);
record_marker_adjustment (marker, charpos - to);
record_marker_adjustment (marker, to - charpos);
m->charpos = from;
m->bytepos = from_byte;
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